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Atma-Nirbhar Bharat: Unlock The Path To Economic Breakthrough With Self-Reliance


At the dawn of 2020, no one would have imagined that trying times lay ahead. The COVID pandemic has put the whole world under unusual circumstances. 

No continent is safe from this virus. Nations and people across the globe are grappling with health concerns of massive proportions. It has affected peoples’ ability to go out and

conduct their vocation and business.


The whole world economy has come to a standstill. The Indian economy has also been affected significantly.

 With the second-largest population in the world, India is dealing with the COVID situation in its own way. Lockdowns have become part and parcel of everyone’s life.

 The earning capacity of large and small businesses across all sectors is affected significantly. Many companies have closed their operations. People are losing jobs, and the whole

situation looks dismal.

Moody’s, the international credit rating agency, has downgraded India’s credit rating. But India and its people are not ones to give up easily. Now is the time to explore and


We are slowly stepping into the unlocking phase and taking our first steps towards economic revival.


Being Vocal For Local

Our PM, Shri Modi has stated that “getting growth back is not that difficult, and the path to that is through the Atma-nirbhar Bharat mission.”

Shri Modi further explains that the focus at this time should be on self-reliance. He further pushes for the manufacture of world-class Indian-made products and less dependence

on imports.

The whole impetus of the newly introduced economic policies is to boost the local and traditional industries to take economic growth down to the grassroots.

The government has drawn up a spate of financial strategies to help people get started with Atma-nirbhar Bharat.

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Indian Handicraft Sector Down But Not Out

One of the local industries affected in the pandemic is the handicraft sector. The handicraft sector of India has also seen a downslide with the pandemic. 

 India is a country rich in art and culture with gifted artisans in every region. Indian handicrafts have made a mark on the global scene and contributed to the inflow of foreign


 The handicraft sector not only keeps Indian culture and heritage alive; it also employs a significant number of people in rural and urban areas. It improves the living standards of

 the artisans.

 Local materials also find a market due to the handicraft industry. It provides occupation at the local level and prevents the migration of people from rural areas to the cities.

 So it is a sector which we cannot ignore. It is up to us now to revive this industry of traditional Indian products and help artisans get back on their feet.

 Now is the time to gather the courage to become self-reliant. Instead of lamenting over the loss of jobs or the current situation, it is time to explore new economic opportunities

Empowering Handmade Products in India 

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